AWE Consulting Group’s Engineers can assist you in determining the best solution to your engineering needs across a wide range of construction works.

Temporary Works including:

o Conventional timber formwork solutions
o Proprietary formwork systems (PERI, Acrow, DOKA, WACO, etc)
o Frames, props, scaffold support conditions (depending on application)
o Slab and band beam formwork
o Wall shutters
o Pre-pour formwork inspections & sign-offs
o Scaffold design, certifications & inspections
o Loading platforms & loading bays
o Protection decks & coverways/gantries
o Heritage façade retention/stabilisation systems
o Crane outrigger assessments
o Plant equipment assessments for usage on suspended slabs
o Steel erection sequencing assessments
o Precast panel propping layouts
o Precast panel lifting/handling assessments
o Precast erection design engineer (EDE) sign-offs
o Demolition works activities
o Independent 3rd party design reviews
o Temporary structures & event installation inspections/certifications
o Shipping container structures, modifications & arrangements
o Provision of Professional Engineers Certification
(VicRoads; VBA Regulation 126; etc)